Cork Spray Over Pebble Stucco

We recently wrapped up a project for Moose Jaw Family Services, applying cork spray to an addition that had previously been referred to as “The Tumor”. The pebble stucco had been falling off and it was time to bring some life back into the building. When they reached out to us they expressed that they really didn’t want to have to remove all of the stucco. The beauty of cork spray is that we didn’t have to remove the stucco — we can spray directly over it!

The pebble stucco was in rough condition and required rather extensive repairs. We removed any further loose stucco and filled the areas back in prior to spraying. Moose Jaw Family Services chose the colour Rust, to compliment the old brick on the original building. Cork spray is a great option to modernize the look of older run down stucco without the need to remove it all.