Entire Exterior Pricing

Thermal CorkShield: Entire Exterior Projects

You may be wondering how much it would cost to spray the entire exterior of your home with cork. This article will discuss the average prices of spraying full exteriors, as well as things that can effect or increase the price. While prices can vary substantially from project to project, this article will give you an idea of the size of investment to spray your entire home with Thermal CorkShield.

The average price of a bungalow style house that is around 800-1200 square feet is typically within the price range of $10,000 to $16,000. Much like our prices for foundations, we do not have a set square footage price. The reason for this is because no two jobs are the same. While the square footage is used to figure out the material costs, the total price is based off of all job related costs. This would include all of the cork, masking materials and labour costs. 

The lower end of the price bracket would be a smaller home with little to no repairs. This would be a project where the current exterior is in great condition and we could pressure wash it, mask it and spray it, with minimal time spent on repairs. 

A home on the higher end of the price bracket would require more extensive work or repair(s) prior to spraying. Factors like excessive cracking in stucco, having to remove or replace damaged siding as well as the use of multiple colours can all increase the time and price of a project. Another factor is the total amount of masking that is required. While an abundance of windows may reduce the square footage, it adds a great degree of tedious masking to ensure that no cork ends up on the window or surface below. The following picture is an example of a project that was at the higher end of the price bracket.

On this project we stripped the paint off down to bare wood, applied a coat of primer as well as installed new higher profile corners prior to spraying.

For homes that are larger than a bungalow, whether that is just in square footage or multiple stories, generally range from $16,000 up to $30,000. All of the same factors listed above that influence the price are also applicable with larger homes. The biggest additional factor may be the need to work from elevated platforms such as scaffolding. 

The price brackets mentioned in this article are based off of projects that we have quoted and completed and are meant to give you an idea of what your project could cost. This does not necessarily mean that your project will be within these brackets. Estimates are available through our website under the “quote” tab.

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