How Much is Cork Spray per Square Foot?

One of our most frequently asked questions is, how much is cork spray per square foot? 

While this is a great question and can be helpful for clients to compare to other building products, we don’t have a set price per square foot. 

Why don’t we have a set price per square foot? 

We don’t have a set price per square foot because cork spray is an incredibly versatile product that can be applied to almost any surface you may find on your home or building. The total job costs can vary drastically from project to project. Even relatively similar projects can have very different job costs, which is why pricing by the square foot is not accurate for us to provide to clients. 

Job costs consist of all of the required materials, as well as the total cost of labour for the project. Materials can include the cork, masking, tape as well as products for repairs. The total labour costs depend on the amount of time the project will take. 

So what are some things that may increase job costs? 

One of the major differences in job costs from project to project is the degree of repairs that are required before spraying. Some projects have zero repairs, while other projects may require extensive repairs. The repairs may be as simple as filling a couple of cracks to removing the parging on the entire foundation. 

Another thing that can increase job costs is the amount of masking. Our product is applied by a large texture sprayer. This, combined with our typical breezy days, means we need to ensure surrounding surfaces are well protected from overspray.

While both sides of the above projects are very similar in square footage, the job costs are quite different. The top picture took roughly an hour and a half to mask off the siding and the window, as well as digging the rocks back to ensure low enough coverage. The bottom picture took twice as long due to the fact that the sidewalk also needed to be masked the entire length of the side (in addition to the siding, windows, fence post and eavestrough).  This not only added a considerable amount of time, but it also required the use of a special, more costly tape that would adhere to the concrete. Having a set price per square foot does not allow for these significant differences in time, material costs and labour. 

So how do we price our projects? 

We add up total job costs for a project and we multiply it by a markup. This markup is a percentage based off of our companies numbers, that covers all of our overhead expenses and allows us to stay in business. This pricing strategy comes from a book entitled “Markup and Profit: A Contractor’s Guide” by Michael C. Stone. 

If you have a project in mind and are interested in learning more about pricing, we have a few blog posts on this subject. Or go to the “quote” tab on our website and submit a quote request. 

We look forward to working with you!