Why Our Clients Choose Cork Spray

Are you thinking of updating or changing the colour of your home or business?  Cork spray is an alternative to both traditional exterior renovations as well as re-painting your current exterior. This article is going to discuss why some of our previous clients chose to spray their home with Thermal CorkShield instead of painting. 
One of the major reasons clients chose cork, is the fact that it adds a degree of insulation to their home. Here in Saskatchewan we have to deal with extremely cold winters and very drastic temperature swings. Don’t you wish that you could help keep that cold outside during the harsh winter months? Cork is a very unique product, it’s molecular structure is composed of tiny air pockets– these air pockets make it difficult for heat and cold to transfer through into your home. This creates a thermal break. Having a continuous thermal break over the entire exterior of your home greatly reduces the amount of hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter that penetrates into your home.

Vipeq’s Thermal CorkShield is endorsed by Mike Holmes. He had this to say after spraying his own home and workshop in an article for the  National Post.

Insulating the exterior of the house stops the heat and cold from coming inside, as well as from escaping outside, so your home maintains a steady temperature all year round. If you live in an older house with no insulation, cork spray is a great alternative to tearing down your walls and having insulation installed.

One of our past clients had an old farm house that was extremely inefficient. In winter, the furnace would run non-stop and in the summer, the air conditioning would run non-stop. It just wasn’t feasible to re-insulate from the interior of this home. This client decided to spray the entire home from top to bottom with Thermal CorkShield. Over the first winter, the home owner noticed a huge difference in how often the furnace was running. Cork spray is one of very few building products that will essentially pay for itself over the years to come by increasing the efficiency of your home and lowering utility costs. 

Another reason why past clients chose cork spray was a combination of the longevity of the product and the warranty. A couple of our previous clients were fed up with painting. Their house, or aspects of their house, had been painted several times previously and were once again flaking off. They were tired of repeating the cycle and wanted a product that would last. 

Thermal CorkShield has been rigorously lab tested and is backed by a 15- year warranty (when applied by a certified applicator). Building products face a very hard challenge of standing up to our climate and all that it brings. Having a product that is durable is one thing but many of our clients wanted the peace of mind that a 15 year warranty brings. Vipeq’s Thermal CorkShield warranty protects homeowners against defects such as flaking, bubbling and fading. Both of these reasons played a large role in the decision to spray their home with cork. 

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Whether your home has stucco, brick, wood siding, X90 siding, cement board or just about any other type of cladding, we can spray it with cork.

If you are interested in renewing the look of your home and adding an additional layer of insulation to keep the cold out and heat in for many years to come head to the quote section of our website.
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