Thermal CorkShield: Foundation Pricing

You may have noticed some of our projects on Facebook and wondered how much it would cost to have your foundation sprayed with Thermal Corkshield. This article will help give you an idea of what your foundation may cost. 

The majority of our foundation projects have ranged between $4,000-$6,000 (including taxes) but can also increase/decrease from there depending on the work required. Our prices for an entire foundation start around $4,000 plus tax– why is this? It is because almost all jobs require us to be on site for a minimum of three days. In order for our 15-year warranty to be valid, applications of Thermal CorkShield need to be sprayed 24 hours apart. Our first day (or more) is dedicated to pressure washing, making any repairs needed and masking off surfaces to protect from overspray. 

A foundation on the lower end of our price range generally is one that requires very little, if any, repairs. This price range would also mean that there is around or below 250 square feet of area that is to be sprayed (the equivalent of 3 pails of cork). 

The process starts with pressure washing to ensure a clean finish for the cork spray to adhere properly to. Once dry, we mask off any surfaces not being sprayed and then apply two coats of Thermal CorkShield (24 hours apart). Below is an example of a foundation on the lower end of our price range. This was roughly a 700-800 square foot home with a foundation that required very little repairs. The masking on this project was also relatively minimal.

So what makes the price of a foundation more than $4,000? Aspects of the job that increase the price from our base price are repairs, the overall size of the project and the amount of masking required. 

Repairs can include things like filling in cracks, patching in areas where the existing parging may have fallen off or even chipping off the remaining loose parging. This can also include sheeting the foundation with half- inch pressure treated plywood. Some of our past foundation projects have been in very rough condition, and as long as there are no structural concerns, we install treated plywood. Using special concrete screws, we secure the plywood to the foundation in order to get a nice smooth surface to spray. Below is an example of a foundation that required this type of work.

On this project we filled in several cracks, patched a couple of areas where the existing parging had fallen off and removed the troublesome parging from the front porch and installed treated plywood. The plywood then has all of the joints and fastener holes filled in and sealed and is now ready to spray with cork. This job required extensive repairs and prep work and therefore was on the higher end of our price range. More pictures from this job can be viewed here. 

The overall size of the job is another component that is taken into account and can increase the price. While we don’t have a set price per square foot, we do take the overall footage into consideration to ensure we have enough product. Our product comes sealed in 6 gallon pails, each pail can cover roughly 85 square feet. Our base price includes up to 3 pails, any additional pails needed will increase the price. 

The final consideration into our pricing for foundations is masking. The prep work and masking is the majority of the labour involved in our projects. While some foundations require minimal masking others require a great deal. For example, if you have a sidewalk around the entire foundation perimeter that is going to add a considerable amount of work to ensure it is protected compared to a surface that can just be covered with a drop cloth. An abundance of windows decreases the amount of total square footage, however, it adds a great deal of masking to ensure that no cork ends up on the windows and/or window frames. We take pride in attention to detail during the masking process.   

These are the major factors we consider when pricing foundations (and any other cork projects). If you would like to get a better idea of what your foundation or home would cost to spray you can head to our website Click on the get quote tab and upload a few pictures of your project! 

We look forward to working with you!